Brad Christian has performed and made his living doing phenomenal street magic on the streets of New York.

The step by step visual format introduced in this Street Media Package was created by Brad and has been used to teach people ages 8 to 60 how to amaze.

Brad has performed magic for over 25 years. He played "Clinton" the cardshark gambler on As the World Turns, and performed with Billy Joel in the hit video "Big Shot". He has performed in all the great clubs in New York including the famous Greene Street Cafe and the Waldorf Astoria.

He has performed for Nicholas Cage and Eric Roberts.

Brad Christian created the award winning Ellusionist Internet Training Facility and has introduced a series of incredible methods that teach the new STREET MAGIC quickly and easily.

Brad discovered people learn better and faster when they can see something being done as they are being taught. It also must be as engaging and fun as possible. That's why the Video/CD has the same look and feel as our Main Site.

You will actually SEE Brad do this amazing stuff LIVE as the camera tracks him, which alone is worth the cost of the product.

Nobody does magic like Brad and now YOU can too - by ordering the CD or Video "HOW TO DO STREET MAGIC - LEARN 2AMAZE BY ELLUSIONIST".

Brad Christian has created one of the most successful magic learning sites on the Internet today


I started this site when I met my nephew for the first time. He's four.

He was playing with a toy car on the floor. I asked if he wanted to see some magic. Without waiting, I made his car disappear in my hands. Then I reached under his shirt and pulled out the car.

I'll never forget the look on his face. He forgot everything except the magic. All he knew is that the best thing ever had just happened. Really, you should have seen his face.

He wanted to do it himself and so I put a quarter in his hand and made it disappear inside his hand. He had the feeling of doing magic and he couldn't believe it. His mother said he wouldn't give up trying to make coins disappear for weeks. Then I realized that every single father in the world, in the galaxy, should have the ability to do stuff like this for their kid. There's nothing like it.

Seeing a child react like this reminded me of when I saw magic when I was a kid. My best friend had a dad who could do a few tricks. He had these red wooden balls. He would start with one, and then suddenly he'd have two and three, multiplying between his fingers. He wound up with four, one between every finger.

It was soooo cool. Where did they COME from and how could he do it with one hand? That guy was a superhero.

Doing magic. It makes people talk. How about if you're a salesman taking clients to dinner. Why not perform a couple of mystifying stunts to get the thing going? I got my role on As The World Turns because people saw some magic I did. I met Nicholas Cage, Eric Roberts and Billy Joel while performing sleight of hand.

The thing about magic is it takes people outside themselves. I've seen it happen again and again. They light up because it's so different from standard reality.

That's why I started the site... not to give away the art of illusion but to give the common man a chance to learn magic and have a great deal of fun with it.

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